Valerie Scott, Librarian of the British School at Rome, writes

"The BSR is very grateful to the Getty Foundation for their generous grant to digitise, and publish online, the photographs taken by J.B. Ward-Perkins, (1912-1981), Director of the School 1945-1972. The total collection includes some 30,000 images, with the majority being of Italy; but some 6,000 were taken in Libya, including Cyrenaica.

"We have recently been approached by Luisa Musso, Director of the Archaeological Mission of the University Roma Tre at Leptis Magna and Emanuela Fabbricotti, Professor of Archaeology and Greek and Roman Art History and Director of the Archaeological Mission of the University of Chieti at Cyrenaica who are very interested in Ward-Perkins’s photographs of his excavations at Leptis Magna, Sabratha and Cyrenaica in the 1950s and of other archaeological sites in Libya and North Africa. Collaboration with our Italian colleagues, and with the Inscriptions of Roman Cyrenaica project will be extremely important at the cataloguing stage of the project when their expertise and knowledge of the subjects and territory will facilitate the work of the cataloguers. We would be very happy for all the relevant images of Cyrenaica to be used by the Roman inscriptions of Cyrenaica project, and to draw on the data collected by that project."