In 2000 Charlotte Roueché started serious work exploring the possibilities for publishing, online, the inscriptions which she and Joyce Reynolds had collected over 30 years of work at Aphrodisias. In the same year, Dr Thomas Elliott, of the Ancient World Mapping Center, at the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill, proposed a set of guidelines, in TEI-compliant XML, for the online publication of inscriptions. They therefore collaborated in a joint application to the Leverhulme Trust, to develop Elliott’s guidelines by applying them to the Aphrodisias material: the Epidoc Aphrodisias Pilot Project (EPAPP):

This collaboration developed an international network of scholars with similar interests, and allowed the construction of a preliminary site, containing the inscriptions of Aphrodisias from the Late Antique period. A further grant, from the Arts and Humanities Research Council, allowed the team to polish and publish the resultant site:

and the team (Reynolds, Roueché and Gabriel Bodard, the lead researcher on the project) are now working to publish the full corpus of the site, in spring 2007. As well as the corpora of inscriptions, the team has also been working with the international network to establish and publish an agreed set of the EpiDoc Guidelines. The current version of the Guidelines is available from:

We therefore propose to use the EpiDoc guidelines to publish the material from Cyrenaica. This will further test their usability and disseminate their use; but it will also allow us to explore new aspects. The Aphrodisias material is all from a single excavation site; the Cyrenaican material is from throughout the Roman province. We have not yet tested the EpiDoc protocols on a body of material from a wide geographical area; nor have we had an opportunity to experiment with embedding geographical data. We therefore hope to develop and improve the geographic presentation of the material, meeting a need which Dr Reynolds identified several decades ago, and working closely with the Ancient World Mapping Center.